Available Adults & Older Pups
Call or e-mail me if you are interested in an adult. 
doubledkennel@gmail.com (585) 813-3716
In a perfect world all of my retired Dachshunds or those that didn't quite fit my criteria for a show dog would stay with me for life. Unfortunately that is not always the best scenario for most of the dogs. Show dogs often feel jealous and left out when they are left behind while the younger generations start their show careers. 
Breeding females are often sad and depressed when there are puppies in the whelping box that don't belong to them. 
Ocassioally, I will raise a youngster for several months while evaluating their potenal as a show dog, if the decision is made not to move forward with them in the show ring, they are excellent canidates for families that want a young dog, but dont want to go through puppy training.
For these dogs, their quality of life greatly improves with changing homes and becoming the focus of attention in a new family.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss the possibility of adding one of these special dogs to your family.