Double D Kennel


Bill of Sale and Guarantee


Date: _________________________________

Received By:_____________________________

Address: ________________________________

Amount: ________________________________

For: ___________________________________ 같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같같

This dog is guaranteed free of any known genetic defects or illness at the time of sale

In the unlikely event of genetic unsoundness detected within 36 months from the sale date listed above the breeder: Deborah Kirkum agrees to replace the dog with one of equal value and breeding provided THAT:

1. The dog must be examined by a lisenced, practicing Veternarian and the genetic defect

must be completely documented by said vet.

2. The results of the veternarian evaluation must be reported to me immeadiately.

3. Proof of spaying or nueturing must be provided before a replacement dog is provided.

4. The dog must not be used for breeding before 2 years of age and thourough health evaluation by a lisenced, practicing Veternarian.

5. No dog shall be covered under this guarantee if it is transfered or given away for ANY reason.

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to adhere to any of the 5 conditions outlined above renders this guarantee VOID and the breeder named above will not be obligated to provide a replacement.


As the new owner(s) of this dog I (we) have read and agree to the terms of this guarantee: ______________________________________