Meeko             X              Bosco
Meeko gave birth to 5 puppies on 10-11-07. Sadly we lost the dappled male very soon after birth. The remaining puppies are thriving! 1 red dapple female, 1 blk/tan dapple female, 1 silver dapple female and 1 blk/tan male. Coat type will be determined as the get older.
1 Week - Very Cute
Annebell- Sold
Lucy - Sold
- deposit received- Sold
Black/tan male - Sold.
2 Weeks
They are growing nicely and their eyes have opened
3 Weeks
They are very much enjoying their first taste of puppy food!
Meeko is feeding them so well that the additional food is not really needed yet, but it sure looks like they like it.
All puppies in this litter have gone to their new homes