Agee's Bosco At Double D
Bosco is my first long haired Dachshund! A laugh a minute personality and the class clown for sure. Many thank to Pam Agee of Georgia for allowing me to add Bosco to my herd - o - hunds! I look forward to the day Bosco sires his first litter. Come back for new pictures and updates as Bosco grows.
Bosco at 6 weeks
Ready for the long drive home from Georgia to NY!
That's CoCo ready for the long nap home too.....
The long nap home...... he was such a good boy!
Bosco was immediately adopted by Mindy and they are always together.
Watch for more pictures coming soon..........
Bosco has grown into a very handsome boy! His first litter was born on 3/28/2007. Gorgeous babies sired by a gorgeous boy.